Type Matrix FN-Keys USB Codes / Key Package Status
KeyWarrior100 24x16 2 2 / Macros LQFP100 Initial Sampling


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KeyWarrior100 basically replaces the whole KeyWarrior family with a single solution. All capabilities of KeyWarrior8, KeyWarrior8LED, KeyWarrior16, KeyWarrior20, KeyWarrior Combo O/H/V, in all programming variants Flex, Operator, Commander, and Cell are available in KeyWarrior100.

Keyboard, Mouse, an IO-Warrior, and a lot of additional functions are combined in a single chip. This allows to answer the demands for most keyboards with a single solution. The actual configuration is set by software via USB.


A glimpse at the features - KeyWarrior100
  • USB standard, Full Speed
  • Keyboard/Mouse combo controller
  • Keyboard manufacturer can lock the configuration against end user modification
  • Up to 384 keys in a 24 x 16 matrix
  • Two FN keys allow three keyboard tables
  • 240 macros with up to 31 key codes each, assignable to any key
  • 64 end user reprorgrammable macros
  • 176 manufacturer programmable macros
  • One key code plus modifier may be put on every key
  • Locking and sticky modifiers and FN keys
  • 8 programmable LED outputs, may indicate caps, num, scroll, etc., and internal locking states, like FN
  • 2 DAC outputs for analog control voltage for i.e. backlighting
  • 3 PWM outputs for i.e. backlighting
  • Mouse function via keys
  • Mouse function with trackball
  • Mouse function with 3 analog inputs (joystick, hall sensor etc.)
  • Mouse function with force sensor (4 analog signals)
  • 16 general purpose I/O lines
  • Fast I2C master, up to 1 MHz
  • Support for HD44780 compatible display modules
  • Support for 8 x 64 LED matrix (up to 512 LEDs)
  • LQFP100 package


Datasheets and Downloads

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pdf Datasheet (Preview) KeyWarrior 100