The KeyWarrior II chip family encapsulates the whole protocol and electronic know-how for building a keyboard with or without embedded mouse function. Wether you need few or many keys, or programmable macro functions, KeyWarrior is an easy to use solution.

Several options for programming the keyboard layout, including complex macros, make KeyWarrior very flexible to allow the design of customer specific keyboards.

KeyWarrior has just moved to the next generation. If you have a design using the old KeyWarrior chips, please contact us immediately about the transition to the new generation.

KeyWarrior28 is the small chip of the KeyWarrior II family. It is designed for small keyboards with up to 64 keys.

KeyWarrior100 combines all functionality of the old KeyWarrior family in a single chip and adds many more features on top of that. It supports keyboards with up to 384 keys.

Evaluation boards are also available for the KeyWarrior28 (KW28Eval) and the KeyWarrior100 (KW100Eval) to ease the entry into the KeyWarrior family or to quickly realize test setups or samples.



Type Matrix FN-Keys Mouse USB PS/2 Serial ADB Codes per key Package Module Eval Status
KeyWarrior100 24x16 2 2 / Macros LQFP100 Active
KeyWarrior28 8x8 2 2 / Macros

QFN28, DIL28
SO24 Replacement



Datasheets and Downloads

  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior28  
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior28 Module  
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior28Eval Instructions  
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior100  
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior100 Module  
pdf Datasheet Scancodes KeyWarrior II  
zip Software KeyWarrior28 Editor Windows
zip Software KeyWarrior100 Editor Windows