The company Code Mercenaries offers controller chip, which significantly simplifies the development of peripherals and thus leads quickly to the desired result.

The know-how for the protocols and interfaces is included in our controllers, so you can concentrate on the development of the actual device and skip long learning phases. We support the market interfaces (eg PS/2 or USB), as well as all major operating systems. We also offer customized solutions, if you are planning a special application or want to give your device a special name hardware.


Complete solution for keyboards - KeyWarrior

Keys, a few parts, and a KeyWarrior is all you need for a keyboard. 21 different standard variants offer a wide selection of options, from 64 to 240 keys, with or without a mouse function, macro keys, LED matrix and a mix of interfaces including USB, PS/2, ADB and for some variants even serial for the mouse.


Mice, trackballs and more - MouseWarrior

The solution for pointing devices. Compatible with standard system drivers, some variants offer up to 4 interfaces (USB, PS/2, ADB, serial). A wide variety of mouse sensors is supported: Optomechanical, optical, force sensors, hall effect, and joysticks.


Universal I/O on USB - IO-Warrior

brings virtually everything to the USB. Simple generic I/O pins, IIC bus, SPI interface, support for LCD modules, or receiving IR remote control signals. IO-Warrior allows attaching electronics to the USB without having to become a USB expert.


Joysticks on USB - JoyWarrior

Build your industrial or consumer joystick with just a few components, analog or digital sticks can be easily made with JoyWarrior. It takes the USB learning curve out of making your industrial or game control devices. Connecting sensors via JoyWarrior is also possible.


Encoder on USB - SpinWarrior

brings three, four, or up to six rotary encoders to the USB. Suitable for motion control and human input solutions.


Light for the 21st century - LED-Warrior

LED-Warrior is a family of controllers for high brightness LEDs