Pointing devices come in a wide variety. The once dominating opto-mechanical shutter wheel mechanism is now just one sensor option among many.

The MouseWarrior family of pointing device controllers covers several pointing technologies and supports USB which is the dominating interface today.

Currently there are standard off the shelf MouseWarrior chips to support classic opto-mechanical devices, analog signal sensors, and directional switches. Some of them are hybrid controllers which can switch between mouse and joystick mode.



Type Sensor Type Buttons Scroll USB PS/2 Package Module Status
MouseWarrior28Wheel Quadrature 6 QFN28, SO24, DIL28 Active
MouseWarrior24Wheel II Quadrature 6 SOIC24, DIL24 Discontinued
MouseWarrior24Eye III ADNS2051 6 SOIC24, DIL24 Discontinued


Overview Joystick/Mouse-Hybrids

Type Sensor Type Buttons Scroll USB PS/2 Package Module Status
JoyWarrior28GP32 Switches 12 or 32 QFN28, SO24, DIL28 Active
MouseWarrior28H8L Analog In (Hall) 6 QFN28, DIL28 Active
MouseWarrior24J8 Potentiometer 6 SOIC24, DIL24 Discontinued
MouseWarrior24H8 Analog In (Hall) 6 SOIC24, DIL24 Discontinued


Datasheets and Downloads

pdf MouseWarrior28
pdf MouseWarrior24H8-MOD
pdf MouseWarrior24J8 Module
pdf  MouseWarrior24 (discontinued)
pdf MouseWarrior24F8 (discontinued)
pdf MouseWarrior24H8 (discontinued)
pdf MouseWarrior24J8 (discontinued)