Measuring motion, rotation speed or turning knobs on a front panel. SpinWarrior brings incremental encoders to the USB.

SpinWarrior connects optical and electromechanical encoders with two phase shifted signals plus some switches via USB to a computer.

SpinWarrior can be used for human input like jog dials or turning knobs as well as for measurment and motion control applications. SpinWarrior detects all impulses up to the maximum signal frequency.



Type Encoders Switches Abs/Rel Index Imp. max. Freq Package Status
SpinWarrior28A3 3 6 (no debounce) Abs 62.5kHz QFN28, SO24, DIL28 Active
SpinWarrior28R4 4 7 Rel 25kHz QFN28, SO24, DIL28 Active
SpinWarrior28R6 6 3 Rel 25kHz QFN28, SO24, DIL28 Active


Datasheets and Downloads

Datasheets Software and Samplecode
pdf SpinWarrior28
pdf Documentation SpinKit
zip SpinWarrior SDK (win + linux)