This is an overview where discontinued products are still in stock. For actual volumes available please directly contact the respecitive trade partner.

Obsolete products which are not listed here are no longer available from regular stock. Though we keep some reserve of almost all products for service requirements for several years. If you need to replace a failed unit please contact us direct.

Product Package Part number Codemercs Segor-electronics (DE) 
 IO-Warrior24PV DIL IOW24PV-P ok  
 IO-Warrior24PV SMT IOW24PV-S   ok
 IO-Warrior40 Module IOW40-MOD ok ok 
 IO-Warrior56 Kit  IOW56KIT   ok 
 MouseWarrior24 Module MW24F8-MOD    ok
 MouseWarrior24 Module MW24J8-MOD ok  ok
 MouseWarrior24 DIL MW24J8-P   ok
 MouseWarrior24 Module MW24H8-MOD ok  
 KeyWarrior24 DIL KW24-8-P ok  
 KeyWarrior24 SMT KW24-8-S   ok 
 KeyWarrior24 Module KW24-8-MOD    
 KeyWarrior24 DIL KW24-8M-P ok  
 KeyWarrior24 Module KW24D-MOD ok  
 KeyWarrior24 DIL KW24-S3-P    
 KeyWarrior24 SMT KW24-S3-S    
 KeyWarrior16 SMT KW16FX-S   ok
 KeyWarrior8 SMT KW8CELL-S ok  
 KeyWarrior8 SMT KW8FX-S   ok
 KeyWarrior8 DIL KW8FXLED-P ok  
 KeyWarrior8 SMT KW8FXLED-S   ok
 KeyWarrior8 DIL KW8OP-P ok  
 KeyWarriorCO SMT KW8COOP-S ok  
 KeyWarriorCO SMT KWCOFX-S   ok
 JoyWarrior24 DIL JW24A8-16-P ok   
 JoyWarrior24 SMT JW24A8-16-S ok  
 JoyWarrior24 Module JW24A8-16-MOD    
 JoyWarrior24 DIL JW24A8L-P ok   
 JoyWarrior24 Module JW24A8L-MOD    
 JoyWarrior24 DIL JW24A10L-P    ok
 JoyWarrior24 Module JW24A10L-MOD ok ok 
 JoyWarrior24 Module JW24F14-MOD   ok
 JoyWarrior24 Module JW24GP32-MOD ok   
 JoyWarrior24 DIL JW24GP32-P   ok
 JoyWarrior24 DIL JW24RC-P ok  ok
 SpinWarrior24 DIL SW24A3-P ok  ok
 SpinWarrior24 SMT SW24A3-S    
 SpinWarrior24 DIL SW24R4-P ok ok 
 SpinWarrior24 SMT SW24R4-S   ok
 SpinWarrior24 DIL SW24R6-P ok  

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