Modern high brightness LEDs have significantly higher efficiencies, the latest of them significantly exceeding energy saving fluorescent lamps. Combined with very long life cycles and the absence of mercury plus no heat up phase, full dimmability, and indifference to switching cycles they make a very attractive alternative for general lighting applications.

But the best light source is of no use if it can not be efficiently supplied with power. Losses in the controlling circuit supplying the power to the LED reduce the energy saving potential. In addition LEDs offer new design options that need to be addressed by the control electronics.



Type Device Type Control Chip Module Device
LED-Warrior01 Constant Current Driver Analog, PWM no ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior04 Constant Current Driver DALI, DMX, I2C no ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior05 Constant Current Driver PWM no ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior05 OLED Constant Current Driver for OLED PWM no ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior07 DALI Slave DALI ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior09 DALI Master Switch, I2C, Wireless ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior10 Constant Voltage Driver PWM, Switch ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior11 DALI Power Supply no ok no ok ok ok
LED-Warrior12 DALI Slave PWM, I2C ok no ok no ok
LED-Warrior13 DALI Master Switch, I2C ok no ok no ok
LED-Warrior14 DALI Master I2C, USB ok no ok ok
LED-Warrior16 DMX/RDM / DALI Master DMX/RDM no ok no ok ok


Datasheets and Downloads

Datasheets Software and Samplecode
pdf LED-Warrior01
pdf LED-Warrior04
pdf LED-Warrior05
pdf LED-Warrior07
pdf LED-Warrior07 Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior09
pdf LED-Warrior09 Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior09BT-UP Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior10
pdf LED-Warrior10 Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior11
pdf LED-Warrior11 Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior11-DR Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior12
pdf LED-Warrior13
pdf LED-Warrior14
pdf LED-Warrior14U-DR
pdf LED-Warrior14U-DR Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior16
zip LED-Warrior04 Config Tool
zip LED-Warrior04 Sequence Tool
zip LED-Warrior09 Setup Tool
zip Linux samples
zip LED-Warrior14U-DR - EasyCommand
zip LED-Warrior13 config tool