Typ Includes Input Vlotage (DC) Channel Control
LED-Warrior04 Kit LED-Warrior04,
IO-Warrior24 Dongle
7 - 32 V 4 DALI, DMX, I2C, Sequence


Technical Details - LED-Warrior04 Kit

  • Input Voltage: 7...32 V DC
  • Maximum output power: 25W per Channel
  • Programmable LED current up to 1 A
  • DALI-Modul (DALI bus driver)
  • EMV tested: EN 55015;11.209, EN 64547; 03.2010
IO-Warrior24 Dongle
  • I2C-Master with 100 kHz
  • Based on IO-Warrior24
  • Througput up to 750 Bytes/s
  • Uses standard system drivers
  • Compatible with IO-Warrior tools and software
  • Standard conforming size, no lost ports


lw04 kit



Units Price/ Unit


  • LW04-Kit
1 69,00 EUR
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Datasheets and Downloads

Datasheets Software and Samplecode
pdf LED-Warrior04
pdf IO-Warrior24 Dongle
pdf IO-Warrior24
pdf Documentation IowKit 1.5
zip LED-Warrior04 Configurator
zip IO-Warrior SDK Windows
zip IO-Warrior SDK Linux
zip IO-Warrior SDK MacOS
zip Simple I2C Windows
zip Simple I2C MaxOS X