With our USB dongles, we offer an affordable and easy-to-use solution that lets you quickly and easily analyze sensor data from test structures and can process. Our prefabricated modules are tested and using software provided or API used immediately. The housing is dimensioned so that the dongle blocked no further USB port.

In addition, we also offer OEM versions of our dongles, with custom imprint or specially adapted housing color or cables.
Other OEM applications are also possible on the basis of our dongle housing and our chips.



Type Based on SPI I2C IO-Pins Capture Timer 3.3V 5V Status
IO-Warrior24 DG IO-Warrior24 2 End of Life
IO-Warrior56 DG IO-Warrior56 8 Active


Datasheets and Downloads

Datasheets Software and Samplecode
pdf IO-Warrior24/40
pdf IO-Warrior56
pdf IO-Warrior24 Dongle
pdf IO-Warrior56 Dongle
pdf Documentation IowKit 1.5
zip IO-Warrior SDK Windows
zip IO-Warrior SDK Linux
zip IO-Warrior SDK MacOS
zip Simple I2C Windows
zip Simple SPI Windows
zip Simple I2C MaxOS X