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BusMaster - IEC62386 made simple

Cabling of the IEC62386 bus is done, only the configuration remains to be done. "Only"?
Configuring an IEC62386 bus with BusMaster is really easy. Complex tasks have been sensibly automated to simplify routine settings. Full access to all configuration details is maintained while the technical complexity is not pushed on the user. BusMaster is optimized for efficient use in the field.

Main features and advantages of BusMaster:

  • Direct overview of all devices on the bus
  • Address change of devices by drag&drop
  • Multiple devices can be set to identical values at the same time
  • Group assignment by clicking on a matrix table
  • Scene assignment to multiple devices at once
  • Current brightness can be used to set parameters
  • Copying of settings to other devices or to a complete bus


BusMaster requires a LED-Warrior14U-DR by Code Mercenaries and a computer running Windows 7 or newer. The license for BusMaster is included with the purchase of LED-Warrior14U-DR.



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