DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a bus system for lighting control. Up to 64 luminaires can be connected to a DALI bus. Usually DALI is used on room or floor level for building automation.

Classic cabling layout requires individual cabling to switch or dim multiple luminaires separately. DALI allows much more flexibility. Assignment of switches, dimmers, and luminaires can be changed without any change to the cabling just by programming the units differently. Controlling multiple luminaire groups in a room does not require a complex cable tree, all units can be connected to a single set of power supply and bus lines.



Type Device Type Chip Module Device
LED-Warrior04 Slave no ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior07 Slave ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior09 Master ok ok no ok
LED-Warrior11 Power Supply no ok ok ok
LED-Warrior12 Slave ok no ok no ok
LED-Warrior13 Master ok no ok no ok
LED-Warrior14 Master ok ok ok


Datasheets and Downloads

Datasheets Software and Samplecode
pdf LED-Warrior04
pdf LED-Warrior04 Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior07
pdf LED-Warrior07 Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior09
pdf LED-Warrior09 Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior09BT-UP Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior11
pdf LED-Warrior11 Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior11-DR Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior12
pdf LED-Warrior13
pdf LED-Warrior14
pdf LED-Warrior14U-DR
pdf LED-Warrior14U-DR Instructions
pdf LED-Warrior16
zip LED-Warrior04 Config Tool
zip LED-Warrior04 Sequence Tool
zip LED-Warrior09 Setup Tool
zip Linux samples
zip LED-Warrior14U-DR - EasyCommand
zip LED-Warrior13 config tool


DALI is a registered trademark of DIIA