Handling & Packaging

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Electrostatic - ESD

All the components and modules sold by us are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic discharges can destroy or damage the components and modules.

Our production has a closed anti static chain. Components and modules are stored in antistatic containers and workstations as well as storage systems are grounded and conductive or dissipative.

All products are generally packaged in antistatic materials. When unpacking the products make sure to do so at an antistatic workstation and only by properly instructed personell.


Moisture Sensitivity - MSL

ICs packages can absorb moisture from ambient air. Absorbed moisture can produce problems during soldering depending on the package type and soldering temperature. Smaller packages are more likely to be affected. The increased temperatures of the lead free reflow process have significantly increased the problems with moisture. Micro cracks and popcorning (jumping of parts due to sudden release of steam) can be the result.

The moisture absorption of parts is reversible and is only critical for the soldering process. By "baking" the parts or storing them in a sufficiently dry environment the moisture can be removed prior to soldering.

All our DIL package chips are MSL 1 (Moisture Sensitivity Level), this means they are not sensitive to moisture absorption. They don't require special storing, packaging, or drying prior to soldering. Primarily this is due to these parts being soldered in a wave solder process and not in reflow.

All our SMD ICs are MSL 3. These parts need to be stored at less than 10%RH or they will start to absorb moisture. We are storing these parts in a dry cabinet that keeps the humidity below 5%RH. This is sufficiently low to extract possible moisture from the parts.

The SMD parts are removed from the dry cabinet only for production and shipping. For shipping we do seal the parts in MSL3 compliant Moisture Barrier Bags (MBB) together with dessicant and indicator card. The sealed MBB has a shelf life of at least 12 months at ≤40°C/90%RH. When opening the MBB check the indicator card if the humidity in the MBB did exceed the limits.

After opening the MBB store the parts at <10%RH or when storing at ≤30°C/60%RH solder them within 168h of opening the bag. If the time has been exceeded prior to soldering the parts should be baked at 125°C/5%RH for 48h or stored at <5%RH for five times the exposure time. 

Handling of moisture sensitive parts is specified in IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1.

Attention! Only SMD parts ordered in at least one full packaging unit (tube or tray) will be sealed in MBBs. Small volumes and samples of less than a packaging unit will be only packed antistatic and should be dried prior to soldering.