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Veteranen Str 11
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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Veteranenstrasse 11 is a "must visit" location for fans of high quality craft spirits. Up to 1000 high quality spirits, some from small local distillers, are available. Cocktails are just a few on the menu and all of then stirred, not shaken (sorry Mr. Bond…).

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This vast selection is a problem for the barkeepers. Keeping track of each bottle is not easy with so many on the shelf. This called for a technical solution. The result was a tailored rack with almost 100 shelfs, each individually lighted and addressable.

Warm white LED stripes are installed in powder coated metal trays. Each tray has a LED-Warrior07-02MOD (IEC62386 to PWM-Controller) to allow individual dimming. The bottles are illuminated through the frosted acrylic glas on which they stand.

In normal ambinet lighting mode the LEDs are running at just a small fraction of the 40 W installed in each tray. When a order is entered on the cashier system the tray where bottle is located lights up at 100% brightness.

regal 01
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Light at the tables and the counter is provided by individual spots. A bit of steam punk flair is generated here by suspending the bare AR-111 spots on their power cables. The  LED-Warrior07-02MOD (IEC62386 to PWM-Controller) modules which make each spot individually dimmable are in the open, suspended by a knot in the power cable.
Soraa AR-111 spots were selected for their high light quality to ensure a nice ambience.



Central control of the total 4 IEC62386 buses is managed by a RaspberryPI3 computer. In addition a couple switches using LED-Warrior09-02MOD (Master) provide a simple and direct control of the main lighting.

Beavis Bar is a place that invites to relax with a high quality drink at high quality lighting.

drink 01

The whole system was implemented with stadard hardware parts and a customer specific programming.

lw07 02 mod web   lw11 mod web   lw09 pwr   lw09 pwr
LED-Warrior07-02   LED-Warrior11   LED-Warrior14-01   LED-Warrior09-02
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