KeyWarrior chips can be factory programmed with a customer specific key table or they can be in system programmed via USB. The key table is stored in an external EEPROM and can be loaded from MacOS or Windows.
Chips with a preprogrammed key table are not available as standard parts, only as customer specific parts, except for the KeyWarrior24-8, KeyWarrior24-8M, and KeyWarrior24-S3 which are by default factory programmed.



The Flex programming option of the KeyWarrior is equivalent in function to the factory programming option. This allows to use Flex chips to test the key table for a factory programmed part. KeyWarrior Flex allows one key code per physical key, macros are not supported. Depending on the matrix size multiple key levels are available. One level for 20x12 matrix size, two levels for 16x8 and three levels for 8x8.



KeyWarrior Operator can be programmed with up to eight key codes per physical key. This allows to generate special characters and small macros. Keycodes on a key are transmitted to the computer in sequence and stay active until the key is released. Depending on the matrix size either one key level (20x12 matrix), two key levels (16x8 matrix) or three key levels (8x8 matrix) are available.



Commander is the most complex programming option for KeyWarrior. 48 macros each with up to 31 key codes are available. Every physical key can be programmed with either a single key code or a macro. The macros can be individually configured to either work like the Operator macros by sending all key codes together and keeping them active as long as the key is pressed, or in a "typing" mode sending the key codes as keystrokes, allowing repeating of keys and mixing with special characters. This makes it possible to generate macros like "http://www.".

Depending on the matrix size one key level (20x12 matrix) or three key levels (16x8 matrix) are supported. The Commander option is not available for the 8x8 matrix.



The Cell programming option is optimized for keyboard layouts with few keys. On 16 of the keys a behaviour similar to the text input method on cell phones is supported.

Cell is available only for the 8x8 matrix size. 48 of the keys have a function equivalent to the Operator option with up to eight key codes and three keyboard levels. The other 16 keys can be programmed with a single key code in the standard level (no FN key pressed). When any FN key is pressed while hitting one of these keys the key will produce one of three codes, stepping to the next code every time the key is pressed again, sending a backspace first to delete to prior code. This allows to program a key to produce i.e. "1" on the basic level and step through "a", "b", "c" when pressed while holding the FN key.