Here you can download our data sheets, brochures, instructions, software and sample code for our products.
In order to view the PDF files you need a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat or another PDF viewer of your choice.
To unzip the packages you need software like  7-Zip or something else.


  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior  
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior8 LED  
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior CH  
pdf Datasheet Scancodes  
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior28  
pdf Datasheet Scancodes KeyWarrior II  
zip Software Downloadtool MacOSX
zip Software Downloadtool Windows
zip Software Keytable Editor Windows
zip Keytables Empty Keytables  
zip Software, Samplecode KeyWarrior8 LED Windows
zip Software KeyWarrior28 Editor Windows



  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet MouseWarrior28  
pdf Datasheet MouseWarrior24J8-MOD  



  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior28  
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior56FR1  
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior24-MOD  
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior24A8L/-10L / MouseWarrior24H8 MOD  
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior24GP32-MOD / KeyWarrior24-8/-8M-MOD  
pdf Datasheet QCKit3 Instructions  
pdf Application note AN2: Connecting switches to analog inputs  
pdf Application note AN8: Tamper Protecting A Kiosk System  
zip Software JoyWarrior24F Tools MacOSX
zip Software JoyWarrior24F14 Sotware Windows
zip Software JoyWarrior24F8 Software Windows
zip Software, Samplecode Softwarebeispiele JoyWarrior Linux
zip Software, Sampecode JoyWarrior56FR1 Software Windows



  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet IO-Warrior28  
pdf Datasheet IO-Warrior24 / 40  
pdf Datasheet IO-Warrior56  
pdf Datasheet IO-Warrior56 Dongle  
pdf Datasheet Documentation for IowKit  
pdf Application note AN1: Using IO-Warrior with LED matrix  
pdf Application note AN4: Measuring high temperature with IO-Warrior  
pdf Application note AN5: Driving Display Modules with IO-Warrior  
zip Sourcecode Delphi HID-Component Windows
zip Samplecode MathLab Windows
zip Software, Samplecode IO-Warrior SDK Windows
zip Software, Samplecode IO-Warrior SDK Linux
zip Software, Samplecode IO-Warrior SDK MacOSX
zip Samplecode LabView Component and Samples Windows
zip Software Simple I2C Windows
zip Software Simple I2C MacOSX
zip Software Simple SPI Windows
zip Software EnhancedPowerSwitcher Windows
zip Software EasyI2C (IO-Warrior28) Windows



  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet SpinWarrior28  
pdf Datasheet Documentation for SpinKit API  
zip Software, Samplecode SpinWarrior SDK Windows, Linux



  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior01  
pdf Application note AN7: Efficient Backlight Supply for LCD Modules (LW01)  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior04  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior05  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior07  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior09  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior09BT-UP Instructions  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior10  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior11  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior11-DR Instructions  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior12  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior13  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior14  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior14U-DR  
pdf Datasheet LED-Warrior16  
zip Software LED-Warrior09 Programmer Windows
zip Software LED-Warrior04 Config Tool Windows
zip Software LED-Warrior04 Sequencetool Windows
zip Software LED-Warrior13 config tool Windows
zip Software, Samplecode LED-Warrior14U-DR - EasyCommand Windows
zip Software, Samplecode LED-Warrior09, -14, -14U-DR Linux
zip App LED-Warrior04 App Android
zip App LED-Warrior09 App Android
exe App LED-Warrior04 App iOS (App Store)
exe App LED-Warrior09 App iOS (App Store)
zip Samplecode LED-Warrior09 & LED-Warrior14 Arduino


Obsolete or discontinued products

  Typ Download Operating system
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior24  
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior24-D  
pdf Datasheet KeyWarrior WUSB  
pdf Datasheet MouseWarrior24H8  
pdf Datasheet MouseWarrior24J8  
pdf Datasheet MouseWarrior24  
pdf Datasheet MouseWarrior24F8  
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior24  
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior24F  
pdf Datasheet JoyWarrior24F14  
pdf Datasheet IO-Warrior24 Dongle  
pdf Datasheet IO-Warrior24PV  
pdf Datasheet SpinWarrior24