Three basic ingredients are needed for a DALI bus:

  • At least 1 Control Device (building automation controller, switch, dimmer…)
  • Up to 64 Control Gear (luminaires or ballasts)
  • Exactly one bus power supply, not two, not three, just one!

Control Devices (Master)

A DALI Control Device sends commands on the bus to control luminaires. This can be a building automation controller, a light switch, a dimmer, or some other interface device that sends commands on the DALI bus. Some Control Devices draw their power supply off the DALI bus, others can supply the bus power. Attention! Read the specifications! Code Mercenaries offers the LED-Warrior09-02MOD that connects two switches to the DALI bus and the LED-Warrior09BT-UP which is a wireless to DALI bridge (compatible with BT 4.0 LE).

Control Gear (Slaves)

DALI luminaires are connected to the bus. They require a separate power supply. There are also DALI ballasts available. Code Mercenaries offers LED-Warrior07-01MOD and LED-Warrior07-02MOD to add DALI to LED drivers, control LED stripes, or other constant voltage LED assemblies.

Bus Power Supply

Exactly one power supply for the bus is required. It has to be a DALI bus power supply. Standard power supplies can damage DALI devices and the bus will not work. Some Control Devices contain a bus power supply. When using multiple of them it is necessary to make sure no more than 250 mA are supplied to the bus. The DALI bus power supply is only supplying the bus and some control devices with power. Power for the luminaires has to be supplied separately. Code Mercenaries offers the LED-Warrior11 as a simple solution to generate DALI bus power from 24V DC.

How is the wiring done?

All DALI parts are connected in parallel to a two wire connection. The total length of the connections may not exceed 300 m.

Cook till done

The last step in a DALI installation is the configuration or deployment. Building automation controllers usually have a function built in to do this. More comfortable is using a USB to DALI gateway with a deployment software. During deployment addresses are assigned to the luminaires and other parameters are set.



DALI is a registered trademark of DIIA