JoyWarrior - Control made simple

USB has been a success for input devices of all kinds. Especially game controller type devices benefit from this development as they are freed from the four-axes-plus-four-button limit and limited resolution of the old gameport. The ease of use of USB game controllers makes them attractive for industrial applications as well.


The JoyWarrior family is targeted to answer requirements from game controllers to high value industrial input devices. The simplest of the JoyWarriors do support gamepad like controllers with switches for the directions, other variants support 3 or 4 analog axes with 8 or 10 bit resolution. A JoyWarrior that converts signals from a model RC teacher/student interface to joystick data is also available.


Joystick/mouse hybrids can switch between working as a joystick or mouse.


JoyWarrior chips are also attractive for uncomplicated connections to sensors.


JoyWarrior24F8 and JoyWarrior24F14 are three axis acceleration sensors with USB interface and come as a ready to use modules.


A number of off-the-shelf variants of JoyWarrior cover the most common applications. However due to the various requirements for game controllers these chips can cover only a certain bandwidth of options. Customized controllers which fit specific applications are available on request (production quantities only).

Function Overview

Type Analog Digital A/D Axes Bit/Axis Buttons Matrix Outputs DIL24 SOIC24 Module
JoyWarrior24GP32 n.a. 32 8x4 or 12
JoyWarrior24A8-8 internal 3 8 8
JoyWarrior24A8-16 internal 3 8 16 4x4
JoyWarrior24RC RC 12 8
MouseWarrior24J8 internal 3 8 6
MouseWarrior24H8 MAX1113 3 8 6
JoyWarrior24A8L MAX1113 4 8 8 or 16 4x4 or 8 4
JoyWarrior24A10L MAX1249 3 10 8 or 16 4x4 or 8 4

MW24J8 - *) Available for production quantities
MW24H8 - **) Reference design of PCB available for download