IO-Warrior - The "Universal" for USB

Do you know the situation where all you want to do is connect some very simple electronics to a computer, like a couple relais, switches, or a small display, but the computer has no parallel port or that port is in use by some other device?


Going to USB for such things so far meant you had to develop specific code for a USB enabled microcontroller, going through hundreds of pages of documentation, getting the necessary development system, and finally having to develop a driver for the thing. Using USB to serial adapters is not a good option either, since the adpaters don't have much intelligence and require a lot of programming.


We have a better option!


Function Overview

Mode IO-Warrior40 IO-Warrior24 IO-Warrior24 PV IO-Warrior56
I/O Pins 32 16 12 50
LED-Matrix 8x32 8x32 8x64
Key-Matrix 8x16 8x8
Capture Timer
Package SSOP48 DIL24 / SOIC24 DIL24 / SOIC24 MLFP56

Simple to use

IO-Warrior does answer many of these requirements with an off the shelf solution. IO-Warrior40 does have 32 generic I/O pins, IO-Warrior24 has 16 I/O pins, IO-Warrior56 even offers 50 I/O pins. The pins can be used for anything, every single one acting as either an input or output as you want.


For things a bit more sophisticated than just setting or reading a port pin IO-Warrior supports the "special mode functions". A simple command tells IO-Warrior to enable one of these special mode functions. It is then taking direct control of a couple I/O pins needed to perform the specific function.


IO-Warrior40 and IO-Warrior24 support the IIC bus, controlling an alphanumeric LCD, and a LED matrix with up to 8x32 LEDs. IO-Warrior40 can also control a 8x8 switch or button matrix and IO-Warrior24 has a SPI and a decoder for infrared remote control signals according to the RC5 format. IO-Warrior56 can also control the majorityof graphic display modules, control a 8x64 LED matrix, and its SPI and IIC are faster. IO-Warrior24Power Vampire is a chip optimized for devices that want to use the USB primarily as a power source. Four dedicated control lines allow direct connection of power management chips or high side power switches.


Getting control of IO-Warrior from your software is very simple. On Windows (XP, 2K, Vista) you can use any programming language to access the libraries, including Visual Basic.


Linux kernel V2.6 and later is supported with an API identical to the one on Windows.

For MacOS X support does not only include a library but even goes so far to support access via AppleEvents. Want FileMaker to open a cash drawer? Just a moment!


To simplify the process of getting your first prototypes up and running we do provide starter kits for the chips (not available for IOW24PV). All the basic components and a few additional ones for initial testing are on the starterkit PCBs.