We offer the JoyWarrior24F family of turnkey solutions for acceleration sensors on USB. Use the joystick port on your computer easily measured data of acceleration or inclination angle can be determined.

For use in industrial environments or under difficult Umweldbedingungen we offer a potted version of JoyWarrior24F14.



Type A/D Bit Module Kit Pug & Play Features
JoyWarrior24F8 MEMS sensor 10
JoyWarrior24F14 MEMS sensor 14
JoyWarrior24F14-WP MEMS sensor 14 Waterproof, ready to use
Quake Catcher Kit MEMS sensor 10 Module, USB-Cable, Case
Quake Catcher Kit 2 MEMS sensor 14 Module, USB-Cable, Case


Datasheets and Downloads

Datasheets Software and Samplecode
pdf JoyWarrior24F
pdf Description QCK
pdf Description QCK 2
zip JoyWarrior24F Tools for MacOS X
zip JoyWarrior24F14 Sotware Windows
zip JoyWarrior24F8 Software Windows